Spring StartUp Kitchen Accepting Business Plans: January 6- February 14

posted Sunday, January 05

Spring 2014 StartUp Kitchen at Domku
Accepting Full Restaurant Concept Business Plans January 6- February 14

*1. Pay Application Fee $50 *

*2. Apply online

Application Requirements:

• Applicant must have a completed business plan (submitted in full if you are chosen in Round 2)
• Applicant must be a DC metro (15 mile radius) resident with plans to open a DC based business. Preference given to DC residents.
• Applicant must be able to meet the fee requirement
(A fee of $2000 to cover mentor program and site operations must to be paid in two installments during incubation period.)

Benefits for the Food Entrepreneur:

• Invaluable mentorship from a panel of seasoned professionals equaling 140 hours
• Low-risk, low-investment opportunity to test their concept
• Generating early buzz around their concept
• Opportunity to test recipes in a commercial kitchen
• Opportunity to serve a large number of guests and obtain feedback from the public
• Building a following for the future
• Access to 0 interest start-up capital and crowd-funding opportunities

Requirements of the winner:

• Concept must be workable in the host restaurant
• Winner must have sufficient funds for covering staff, food and supplies needed for three evenings of dinner service. (Winner gets 75% of ticket sales to offset this)
• Business liability insurance listing host restaurant as additionally insured.
• Must be able to complete 1/2 the fee payment upon incubation.

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For more information email Stacey Price at or Kera Carpender at

StartUp Market is brought you by NURISH: Center for Creative Culinary Economy and Think Local First DC.