Three Femivore Finalists Named-- Who will win the $1000?

posted Monday, July 09

Three finalists are named to compete at the Femivore Award Happy Hour Reception on Monday, July 16 from 5:30 to 7p.m. at Ris.

At the Femivore Award Happy Hour Reception each finalist will give mini-Ted Inspired Talks during a cocktail party at which $1,000 will be awarded to support one of their locally sourced food projects, designed to fit the themes Grow, Nourish, and Inspire. Attendees will vote on the winner. Each finalist receives a one-year Business 3.0 membership to Think Local DC and a two-hour business consultation from Operation: Eatery and recognition on the RIS Eat Local First Week menu where the dishes and drinks from which will be sampled throughout the reception. Tickets for this special event are $50 per person, inclusive of tax and gratuity. To register, visit the Eat Local First Eventbrite. Space is extremely limited for this special event.

Femivore Finalists

GROW: Lauren Biel and Sarah Bernardi – DC Greens

Lauren Biel and Sarah Bernardi want to harness the energy of DC college students and put them to work in school gardens throughout the city, teaching younger students valuable lessons about growing their own produce, furthering DC Greens’ mission to “connect communities to healthy food.” The Femivore Scholarship would seed their new internship program for the college students wishing to make a difference in their local food community as well as provide much needed recognition for the program as it continues to grow. DC Greens will become the new nonprofit home for the DC Farm to School Network as well as work to expand the Fruit and Vegetable Prescription Program currently piloting in DC.

INSPIRE: Kathryn Warnes and Lisa Jordan – Taste of Place

Kathryn Warnes and Lisa Jordan want to expand culinary tourism in Washington D.C. with their Taste of Place program. They “help you experience the taste of place with hand-on farm-to-table culinary adventures, exploring local food in urban and rural environments.” Their business would provide arrangements for the tour-goers but also would bring income to local farmers, highlighting their commitment to sustainable food production. The Femivore Scholarship will finance initial start-up costs and will be matched by Kathryn and Lisa. The recognition from the award will help promote Taste of Place as a service that meets a currently unfulfilled demand in the city.

NOURISH: Allison Sosna – PINE and MicroGreens

Allison Sosna’s new business model for combining her prowess as a restauranteur and desire to contribute to community outreach hopes to “bridge the gap between food access, food knowledge, and the joy of cooking.” Her fast casual dining venture, PINE, sources locally and uses its resources to fund MicroGreens, a program that teaches children to cook on a food stamp budget. The Femivore Scholarship would generate recognition for her benefit corporation’s mission as well as help finance equipment purchases for the children participating in MicroGreens.

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Space is extremely limited for this special event.